Board meeting - Annual accounts and appointment of auditors

Thursday 19 October 2023

Time: 19:00 - 20:00

The Cube, Albert Road North, WR14 2YF

The Trust holds a meeting each year for the purpose of approving its annual accounts and for appointment of the auditors for the following financial year at which all creditors, council taxpayers and other interested persons may be present. 

At this meeting the Trust's annual accounts for the year to 31 March 2023 will be approved and the auditors for the year to 31 March 2024 will be appointed.

The notice of meeting, statement of accounts and further information will be published in due course.

Meeting agenda (PDF)
Draft accounts for year ending 31st March 2023 (PDF)
Meeting papers (PDF)
Meeting minutes (PDF)

 Management accounts for the 5 months ending 31 Aug 2023 (PDF)
Minutes from previous meeting (PDF)
Minutes from special board meeting 05 Oct 2023 (PDF) 


Members of the public are invited to this meeting to ask questions on the accounts which will be available on the Trust's website (with paper copies available at the Trust's office). It is for the board to approve the accounts but residents who pay the levy to the Trust are entitled to appoint the Trust's auditors.

Any levy payer wishing to propose a firm of auditors for appointment must provide details to the Trust no later than 2 October 2023 in order that the Trust can carry our due diligence to ensure that all relevant information is available at the meeting including that the firm proposed is willing to act and what they will charge to carry out the audit.

Any levy payer wishing to vote on the appointment of auditors must bring to the meeting a copy of their council tax bill in order to establish their entitlement to vote.  

Members of the public wishing to attend are asked to notify Mrs L Parish  For those who wish to vote to appoint the auditors, it would be helpful for levy payers to provide a copy of their council tax bill in advance of the meeting.

Following this meeting the signed accounts are lodged with the Charity Commission and are also available to view on the Trust's website.