Business Plan

The Business Plan is the principle strategic document in the ongoing development and good management of our organisation.

It sets out the key aims and objectives of the Malvern Hills Trust, both in the short and long term view, and identifies those challenges and issues which are anticipated in the coming years.  The plan recognises the limits and restrictions within which we operate as we strive to deliver our primary duties as a charity for the protections and good management of this precious landscape.  Lastly, and most importantly the plan prioritises our work areas and sets out a  clear timescales for their implementation.

Our Business Plan 2022 - 2027 sets out the overall strategy and work programme for the development of all aspects of our organisation and its finances. The Business plan is split into three parts - Part 1: Identifying Opportunities and Challenges, Part 2: Delivering Aims and Objectives, and Part 3: Appendices including Work Plan. 

Copies of these documents can be found below

Business Plan 2022 - 2027 Part 1 and 2 (PDF)

Business Plan 2022 - 2027 Part 3 (PDF)

Please note that detailed cash flow and expenditure figures are redacted from the public version of this document  for reasons of commercial confidentiality.

Approval Process

The Business Plan was developed internally by staff with individual sections of the plan being considered in detail by each of the Committees of the Trust.  Finally the current plan was put before the Board and given approval in March 2022.


While any such Business Plan  strives to identify all the challenges and issues that we can foresee over the the coming  years, it has to be implemented in a dynamic world where factors are changing, resources may be limited and new issues may arise.  The plan therefore is a living document that has a degree of flexibility through its Monitoring and  Review process (below)  to respond to any new challenges as they arise.

Monitoring and Review Process

Progress on key projects and aims within the plan are reported quarterly to the Land Management and Finance Committee.

Each year an interim review on progress with the plan is undertaken by the CEO and Board and amendments considered for inclusion in the life of the current or next 5 year plan period.

A full review of the whole plan is carried out at year 5 in 2027.

Land Management Plan

The Land Management Plan 2021-26 sets out in detail the current and future management of the land that we look after, and in particular how we will protect the key aspects such as wildlife, public access, archaeology and commoners rights.

Copies of the Land Management Plan can be found here.