Habitat restoration work due to begin this autumn

As summer gradually draws to a close the time for habitat restoration around the Malvern Hills and Commons begins.

This September, we'll be carrying out habitat management works on the Old Hills, Callow End and on part of Swinyard Hill.

Large areas of wildlife-rich scrub and fantastic open-grown oak trees in the wood pasture on the Old Hills and western slopes of Swinyard Hill. However, in recent times these features have been overtaken by secondary tree growth. 

The programme of works will focus on freeing the large oak trees, thinning the woodland and removing dense stands of invasive sycamore.  This will bring more sunshine to the woodland floor benefitting a variety of wildlife including White Admiral butterflies.  The reduction of some areas of the canopy will also open up the paths and help them to stay dry through the wetter months.

Contractors will be felling and processing the trees with large machinery and this will cause some noise and disturbance whilst the work is underway.  For public safety, some paths may need to be closed during this time.  Please follow any signage relating to path closures for your safety and heed any safety advice given by contractors.

Habitat management works at the Old Hills will be taking place near to the larger car park (south of St Cloud).