Tree safety work continues

The Malvern Hills Trust’s essential tree safety work continues around the Malvern Hills and Commons following safety recommendations from an independent arboriculturalist.

Each year a third of trees on Trust’s land next to properties and roads are surveyed to identify any potential risks.  This year West Malvern, Wyche Road and the lower commons near Poolbrook Road and Guarlford Road were among the areas surveyed and tree management will be carried out in these locations where required.

Recommendations in the tree safety report include the removal of dead branches from trees, pruning, and, in some cases, felling.  Any trees that are recommended to be felled that are notable or are part of an avenue will be replaced with new saplings to ensure the characteristic avenues and landscapes are maintained.

Trees within the sub-urban landscape provide a number of environmental and health benefits including reducing noise pollution, providing wildlife habitats and improving air quality.  Replacing trees, where appropriate, will ensure that future generations also benefit from their presence in the landscape.

Relevant permissions have been sought from Malvern Hills District Council and Herefordshire Council for trees within Malvern's Conservation Areas.

Some of the trees due to be removed this winter are suffering from severe infections of ash dieback disease.  This infection has spread across the UK and evidence of its presence can be seen across the Hills and Commons.  Sadly it is expected that 60-80% of ash trees across this landscape will be lost to the disease.

Beck added "The impact of ash dieback disease on the landscape is huge and the ecology of our woodlands will change dramatically.  It is also having a significant impact on our resources as we respond by removing infected trees near to properties, highways and car parks for public safety.  As a small charity your support in helping us deal with this disease is essential and we ask you to give generously."

More information on how the Trust cares for and manages trees near to properties and highways can be found in our Suburban Tree Management Policies.