National COVID restrictions - update

New COVID-19 guidelines and how it will affect the Malvern Hills Trust.

Following the announcement on Saturday that new national restrictions will come into effect on Thursday the 5th November, the Malvern Hills Trust has provided the following update.

Visiting the Malvern Hills and Commons

The Malvern Hills and Commons offer a place for people to exercise which is important for both physical and mental health.  The landscape remains open for the public to visit and stay well.

Car parks

Our car parks will remain open, in line with Government guidance that travel is permitted for exercise reasons, if you need to make a short journey to do so.  Please note that should Government guidance change, this position may change at short notice.

Parking passes and pay and display

Pay and display will still apply under the new national restrictions and this provides vital income for our charity to continue caring for the Malvern Hills and Commons.

We are grateful to everyone who support the conservation of the hills and commons by purchasing passes for our car parks.  

Parking passes 2020/21

More information on the Resident's parking passes and Annual passes can be found on our parking pages.

Staying safe

Please do your bit to stay safe and respect the local community.  We’ve provided some further information on how you can keep yourself and others safe when exercising on the Malvern Hills and Commons in line with official Government advice.


  • Explore some of the lesser known paths and avoid the more popular areas to minimise contact with others. As a walker you have a right of access over land under our care so you have lots of opportunities to find your own space.
  • Stay at least 2 metres away from others. Please be generous with space when passing people on paths.
  • Be polite and considerate to others. If you’re more mobile and able to, please step aside to allow cyclists or wheelchair users through where space is limited, to make sure everyone is at a safe distance from each other.
  • If walking with your dog please keep it under effective control and do not let your pet run up to other visitors. Please keep your dog on a lead near livestock to keep the sheep safe.


  • Use a bell or call out in plenty of time to alert other visitors to your approach.
  • Stay at least 2 metres away from others to keep yourself and other safe.
  • Be polite and considerate to others. You may need to stop and dismount or wait when passing other visitors in order to maintain a safe distance.
  • Please keep your speed down and consider your abilities so you don't take risks that might cause you to require assistance from an already overstretched NHS.
  • The byelaws still apply so please keep to bridleways and permissive paths (map)
  • Cycling UK have provided a guide to social distancing and cycling here.


  • Explore some of the lesser known paths and avoid the more popular areas to minimise contact with others.
  • As you're more likely to be breathing hard and sweating, please take extra care to keep your distance.
  • Be polite and considerate to others. You may need to slow down or stop to keep your distance to allow others the time to move aside to maintain a safe distance of 2 metres.
  • Please follow these tips to keep yourself and the local community safe during this difficult time.

You may wish to bring with you hand sanitiser or gloves on your visit.  Make sure you wash your hands after your visit and before eating.  Please dispose of any litter in the bins provided or take your litter home.


The Trust is not responsible for the public toilets at the Wyche Cutting or at British Camp.  Although they remain open at this time, this may change.  Please contact Herefordshire Council for up to date information.

The toilets at St Ann’s Well remain closed whilst the café is closed.

On the ground

Our wardens will still be available on the ground to provide information and assistance to visitors and to patrol the Hills and Commons.

Contacting the Trust

Office closure

The reception will be closed to the public from Thursday 5th November and parking passes will no longer be available to purchase in person.  Parking passes can still be purchased by email, post or over the telephone (limited hours – please see above).

Getting in touch

The office will be manned by a small team of staff to respond to phone calls and carry out essential day to day work.

Other staff working from home during this period, so it may take us longer to answer phone calls. 

If possible, please contact the Trust via email in the first instance at (if urgent, call 01684 892002 and in an emergency always call 999).  Staff will respond to emails as soon as they are able but again, it may take longer to respond to your query than usual.  Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.