Good Neighbours' Guides

A new guide for local residents is being delivered around Malvern this week to encourage people to help care for the Hills and Commons.

The Malvern Hills Trust have produced a Good Neighbours' Guide with important information on how local residents can help look after the Hills, Commons and other green spaces around Malvern that provide such a wonderful backdrop to our lives.

The Good Neighbours’ guide offers tips and advice on a wide range of topics from car parking passes to Common Land and boundaries.  It is intended that this guide will also be a way for residents to find out more about the Malvern Hills Trust and the work they do managing the Hills and Commons.

Conservation Manager, Jonathan Bills said ‘We care for a huge area of land in and around Malvern and we have over 20,000 neighbours who can readily enjoy the open spaces. But many activities, sometimes well-intentioned, can have a negative effect on the area’s character, wildlife or on other visitors. Using this guide, local residents and the Trust can work together to help keep this nationally important landscape special for years to come.

The parishes of West Malvern, Malvern Wells, Malvern Link will all be receiving their Good Neighbours’ Guides in the next week.  Residents of Welland have also received their copies.

Other parishes, including Great Malvern, Sherrard’s Green area, Guarlford, and the Old Hills near Callow End, will receive their copies in the spring. So keep an eye out!

An electronic version of the Good Neighbours’ Guide is also available.

Good Neighbours' Guide (PDF)