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Frances Victory

Malvern Hills District Council

I have lived in Malvern for nearly 40 years, most of them in an old house halfway up a hillside in Malvern Wells.  We moved to Malvern Link five years ago.  I frequently walk the hills, enjoying the peace and magnificent scenery, still delighted with our decision to move here all those years ago.  I used to run an outside catering business and a restaurant in the town and was privileged to be elected Mayor 20 years ago which gave me an excellent opportunity to promote the Malverns to all the people I met. I am currently a chief examiner for a major awarding body, a district councillor and a weekly volunteer at a national charity.

The view of the hills in the distance when returning to Malvern is so uplifting and I am really grateful, every time I see them, that we brought our family up in such a beautiful place.  Our children enjoy bringing their children to experience the Hills as often as they are able to.

It is so important to preserve the countryside with its magnificent and varied flora and fauna and I look forward to playing my part in looking after the area carefully for current and future generations.