Malvern Hills Acts 1884 - 1995

The Malvern Hills Acts 1884 - 1995

On the 8th August 2023 the Trust received consent from the Charity Commission to use some of its funds to progress with a programme of governance reform; to bring our organisation from the 19th into the 21st century so that we, and our successors, can properly serve future generations in a changing world.  That programme requires a new Act of Parliament, preparation for which would involve substantial commitment of resources over several years.

At the Board meeting on 17th August the Trustees considered the Charity Commission's grant of consent, including the applicable conditions and restrictions, and resolved to proceed with planning for the reform programme with a view to submitting a Private Bill to Parliament in November 2024.

A copy of the Board resolution is set out below.  More information will be published in the minutes of the meeting (when available) and more details about the programme will be provided on our latest news pages in due course.


On consideration of the letter dated 08 August 2023 from the Charity Commission responding to the Trust's s.74 application, the Board notes the Decision, the Limitations, the Conditions and the Updating requirements set out therein.

The Board resolves:

1. to proceed with planning for a Private Bill with a view to submission in November 2024.

2. to direct the Parliamentary Agent not to undertake any drafting of the Private Bill until further instructed.

3. to fund from the Charity Commission Scheme Designated Account:

a) any expenditure on legal work carried out at risk by the Parliamentary Agent to date.

b) any expenditure for future advice required to inform and plan our consultation activity as we engage with key stakeholders.

4. to write to the Charity Commission expressing our thanks for their consent to our s.74 request and acknowledging our understanding of and our compliance with the limitations and conditions to which the decision is subject.