Fundraising Carol Concert - Tomorrow night

We're delighted to announce that Vital Spark West Gallery Choir will be performing at the fabulous Little Malvern Priory tomorrow evening at 7:30pm (Friday 16th December).

This is a special fundraising concert organised by the group, with donations funding tree replacement on the Hills and Commons.  

Beck Baker said "We so grateful for this support enabling us to replacing trees that are lost to disease across this amazing landscape.  As a charity we have been faced with the devastating impact of Ash Dieback disease and the funds raised at this concert will allow us to replace some of those trees lost."

Ash dieback, which was first identified in the UK in 2012, has spread across the country and causes the wilting of leaves, shoots to die back and often the death of the tree.  It is believed that a small percentage of ash trees may be tolerant to the disease and ash trees showing little or no signs of disease will be left and monitored.

Authorities state that eradicating the disease is not possible as it is caused by a fungus that is airborne and therefore cannot be controlled.

The loss of this species will have a significant effect on both the local landscape character and the ecology of the area.  MHT will be planting replacement trees where possible and allowing nature to replace trees through natural regeneration.

"As a charity with 1,200 hectares of land under our care, we are facing huge financial pressures as the disease takes hold and more practical management is needed in response.  Many of the ash trees are on steep slopes near to roadsides requiring specialist and experienced contractors to safely remove them. This is expensive work at approximately £400 per tree”.

The concert will be a magical programme of Christmas music, in the style that would have been heard in country churches 200 years ago.  The choir will be accompanied by a band of instruments including violin, recorder and bassoon. 

Beck added "This will be an evening not to miss and we thank you in advance for your kind donations and support.