Drive slowly - Livestock on road

As the nights draw in we're reminding people to take extra care on roads where livestock may be found.

The main B4208 road crosses Castlemorton Common south of Welland and other minor roads cross open spaces which are grazed year-round by cattle and sheep.  

Cattle and sheep may be found on or near to the roads on the commons and we're asking people to be alert, particularly in the dark autumn and winter months when the weather may also be poor.

Livestock have been killed by drivers on these roads in past years and significant damage to the vehicle involved is likely. 

Please drive to the conditions and be prepared to stop to allow animals to cross and pass slow and wide when it is safe to do so.  The animals have right of way.

Castlemorton and Hollybed Commons are registered Common Land which means that farmers with 'commoners rights' can turn their animals out onto the commons to freely graze.  The cattle and sheep all have owners but the land that they graze is shared with other farmers.

The act of grazing commons such as Castlemorton Common and Hollybed Common in this way for hundreds of years has resulted in a landscape that is particularly special for it's biodiversity, archaeology, public access and the tradition of commoning and commons.