Young trees come into leaf

Young trees planted by the Malvern Hills Trust are coming into leaf!

Lime and Oak saplings at Newland and Poolbrook and mixed native species near to the Wells Road were planted this winter to fill in gaps and provide a new generation of trees.

Roadside trees and avenues such as those at the edges of Link Common, Newland Common, and along Townsend Way offer many benefits to the local community and environment including absorbing greenhouse gases, reducing air pollution and having a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing.  Trees also provide nesting and foraging opportunities for many creatures including birds, bats and support a wealth of insects.

Beck Baker, Community and conservation officer said “Trees form an important part of the suburban landscape within Malvern. Unfortunately, some trees we care for within these avenues may have to be removed for safety if they are diseased or damaged.  It is important that we replace those lost with young specimens to secure the future of the avenues."

The Trust plans to plant more replacement avenue trees during the winter of 2021 including along the Madresfield Road and near Link Common.