Trails obstructed by barbed wire

We were made aware on Monday morning (8th March) by the police that an unknown person(s) had placed barbed wire by across routes on the Malvern Hills.  A warden attended the site and removed two sections of wire that had been placed across trails on the Hills in the woods near to Holywell.

We are gravely concerned to see the wire strung across the trails, but are relived that no one was injured by them.  It is never acceptable for individuals to go out and place barbed wire like this across any path, route, track or trail on the Hills due to the risk of causing injury or damage.  Such behaviour puts anyone who comes to the Hills for exercise or for recreation, including cyclists, walkers, joggers and horse riders, at risk of injury.

The Trust seriously condemns this dangerous behaviour and asks that anyone who witnesses the erection of unofficial barriers or finds wire obstacles such as this to report them to the police and also to the Trust who will remove them.