Trust warns of dangers of swimming in Gullet Quarry

With hot weather forecast over the coming week, the Malvern Hills Trust are reminding the public of the dangers of swimming in Gullet Quarry.

The warning comes after two young men tragically drowned in the lake at the quarry in 2013.

Despite fencing around the quarry and clear signage about the dangers, some people have continued to visit the quarry to swim during recent good weather.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said “Although the water may look inviting on a hot summer’s day, it is not worth the risk and you could be putting yourself and others in serious danger”

“The main risk here is cold water shock which increases the chance of drowning and can affect anyone, regardless of their swimming ability.”

Signage and fencing has been erected to provide a barrier and warning to visitors who are thinking of entering the water.

Crossing the fence or entering the water is a breach of the Trust’s byelaws and Malvern Hills Trust staff and police officers regularly patrol the site to ensure that people are staying safe and out of the water.

Beck added, “There is an additional risk at this site from rock falls.  Gullet Quarry was last worked in the 1970’s and the quarry face is unstable.  We have recently experienced a rock fall at this site and this is another reason for restricting access for public safety.”