Lambs return to the Hills

More lambs will be returning to graze the Malvern Hills this week.

A flock of sheep, with their lambs, will be returning to West Pinnacle Hill and the following week sheep and lambs will be found on West Worcestershire Beacon.  Sheep and lambs can already be found on the southern hills from British Camp to Swinyard Hill and also throughout Hollybed and Castlemorton Commons.

We're asking people to take extra care during this time if exercising with dogs on the Hills and Commons.  To keep the sheep and lambs safe, please put your dog on a lead near livestock.  Sadly sheep are killed on the Malvern Hills each year by dogs but this can be avoided if walkers put their pets on a lead as a precaution.  Don't forget that even allowing a dog to chase livestock is serious and a criminal offence.

Livestock worrying is a distressing event for everyone including the dog and owner so please take extra care.


Stockwatch provides information on the locations of livestock for the Malvern Hills Trust's projects where temporary electric-fenced enclosures are erected. 

The locations of the livestock are updated every week through our Stockwatch alerts.  These can be found on our website and in the Malvern Gazette.  You can also sign up to receive updates directly to your inbox with all the information you'll need.

Using this information you can plan your dog walk to avoid areas where the livestock are fenced if you wish.

As most of our land is Common Land, commoners do graze livestock freely across the Hills and Commons and members of the public should therefore be ready to encounter livestock anywhere and at anytime.  The locations of these livestock are not included in Stockwatch. 


Livestock are an essential part of the management of the Malvern Hills and Commons. The cattle and sheep eat the bramble, scrub and young trees and this maintains the open grassland habitat.  This keeps the landscape special and benefits the geology, archaeology, wildlife, and the access and views for visitors.