Lamb killed by dog

We're saddened to report that a lamb has been killed on the Malvern Hills by a dog.

Ewes and lambs were grazing in Joyner's Meadow, a fenced area of MHT land on the slopes of Table Hill.  The lamb was killed on the evening of the 4th April by a dog off the lead.

Incidents such as this can be completely avoided and we urge dog walkers to put their dogs on a lead near livestock to stop this from happening again.  Sheep and lambs can be found throughout the countryside at this time and so extra care should be taken.


Don't forget to check Stockwatch to find out where sheep and lambs on the wider Hills and Commons can be found.

The Malvern Hills Trust provides a weekly Stockwatch update which provides information about the locations of sheep and cattle within the temporary electric fencing compartments on the Hills and Commons. 

The public can view Stockwatch here or sign up here to receive weekly email alerts with the livestock information.  Stockwatch is also published each week in the Malvern Gazette.

Sheep safe dog training

If you'd like to gain confidence walking your dog near livestock and training in encouraging your dog to ignore livestock, find out more about Sheep Safe dog training courses here.