Sheep killed by dog on Malvern Hills

A sheep has been killed by a dog on the Malvern Hills.

On Bank Holiday Monday a sheep was chased down the Hill, attacked and killed by a dog.  This death brings the total number of sheep attacked by dogs on the Northern Hills (north of the Wyche Cutting) this year to four.

We're looking for more information regarding this incident.  If you were witness to the chasing or attack and are able to give us any more details, please call us on 01684 892002.

Preventing attacks

Keeping dogs on a lead near livestock, and under close control at all times would put a stop to these distressing incidents. If you are at all in doubt about your dog's recall, put your dog on a lead when walking on the Hills.

Any dog, big or small, docile or aggressive, has the potential to chase or kill livestock so all dogs should be kept on a lead near grazing cattle and sheep.  

Use our Stockwatch to find out where livestock are grazing, but remember that the Malvern Hills and Commons are common land and visitors should expect to see livestock anywhere at any time.

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To allow a dog to worry livestock is a criminal offence.  If you see an incident of livestock worrying by dogs, which includes chasing, on the Hills or Commons call the Police on 101.  Please also call the office on 01684 892002 so we can alert the grazier to attend.  The faster the animal can receive emergency veterinary treatment the better its chances of recovery if injured.


Take the lead, and use it.