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David Fellows

Parish - Guarlford

I was born on a farm in June 1947. I went to primary school and then to Hanley Castle Grammar School in 1958 where I achieved 9 “O” Levels. I was studying “A” Levels heading for Reading University.  My Father fell ill in 1965 and I left school to run the farm for well over 30 years. For nearly 30 years I was a Cattle and Livestock Dealer trading with over £100 million worth of livestock, involving well over 100,000 Cattle and 10,000 sheep including dealing with many purchases and sales of land and property. I am therefore very well versed with animal welfare having worked closely with MAFF veterinary staff and private veterinary surgeons. In 1996 our farming and trading businesses were very badly affected by the BSE crisis, and subsequently the Foot and Mouth crisis in 2001 which meant I had to change direction. A serious RTA meant I was unable to farm anymore; so I did a 4 years’ Honours Degree in Law achieved in 2005.

In the 1990s I persuaded MHDC to encompass some 1.7 acres of the farm into a “settlement boundary” for housing. I have had extensive experience since 1985 in “Planning” matters. I have had the privilege of being involved with four of the UKs top QCs [two in Planning] and other Barristers and in recent years instructing Counsel on different matters of law and/or litigation.

Since 2012 I have been an Executive Consultant/Shareholder in a Planning Consultancy Company called Land Research & Planning Associates Ltd. I have been a Guarlford Parish Councillor for over 3 years. I believe that I can bring a great deal of experience and expertise in many areas of land and general law, animal welfare and conservation matters for the benefit of MHC and those that have elected me.