Celebrating Volunteers' Week

This week is Volunteers' Week! 

Each year, on the first Monday of June, a week of celebrations are held to recognise and thank volunteers across the UK.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who donate their time to helping look after the iconic Malvern Hills and Commons landscape.  Alongside volunteer wardens and litter pickers, teams of Conservation Volunteers are out each week undertaking practical work on the Hills and Commons to conserve some of the species and habitats that need a helping hand.

Yesterday, seven Conservation Volunteers were out in force at the Purlieu, West Malvern clearing encroaching bramble, bracken and scrub from a grassland.  This field on the Purlieu is home to orchids and Meadow Saffron (also called Autumn Crocus).  The Meadow Saffron is listed as 'near threatened' in the UK and therefore is a priority for conservation.  Volunteers clearing vegetation around these delicate plants also had the bonus of spotting slow worms and grass snakes too.

When asked what motivates them to volunteer one of them said they liked the opportunity to make a contribution and another was pleased ‘to be part of something’.

Local businesses and groups can also get involved and we have welcomed IASME, The Environment Agency, and Malvern Chase School on recent conservation tasks.

Over the 12 months from the 1st April 2023 to the 31st March, more than 377 days were given by volunteers to support our care of this landscape. Thank you to all our volunteers for their amazing contributions.