Update on access for horse riders at Old Hills

On land under the jurisdiction of the Trust, walkers and horse riders have a right of access.

However, in some places there's a need to manage access for those on horseback particularly in wetter areas which see a lot of visitors.

We've recently reviewed access arrangements for horse riders at the Old Hills where some paths were becoming increasingly pitted and poached. A small extension to the 'no horses' network has been made at the northern end of the site.

At the southern end of the site and following recent works to open up woodland and scrub habitats, we are starting a trial to see how visitors adapt and respond to the increase in accessible land no longer blocked by vegetation.

In this area the 'no horses' signs have been removed to this trial and we will monitor the condition of paths before determining whether or not the reinstatement of some walker only routes is needed. 

Thank you to all the riders for following these notices when visiting the Old Hills.