Lamb bitten by dog

We're sorry to report that a lamb was attacked by a terrier-type dog on the Hills on the afternoon of Friday 28th July.

Thankfully the lamb is expected to make a full recovery but this is a stark reminder of the importance of putting dogs on leads near livestock.

Please check Stockwatch before you start your walk to plan your route.  Dogs should be kept on leads within the grazing compartments and anywhere near livestock.

If you cannot be certain that your dog will come back when called, no matter the circumstances, please keep your dog on a lead at all times.  With woodlands, scrub and may paths crossing the Hills, livestock may not always be visible before you come across them.

It must be remembered that dogs are animals and are only acting on their instincts so it is the owner's responsibility to take measures to put a stop to this issue.  Please put your dog on a lead.