Levy payer passes are now on sale

The new levy payer passes, valid from the 1st June 2023 to 31st May 2024, are now available to purchase from the Malvern Hills Trust.

Levy payer passes are available to residents of the town of Malvern, and the parishes of Colwall, Guarlford, Malvern Wells, Mathon and West Malvern who pay a contribution towards the Trust as part of their council tax.

The concessionary passes cost £7.00 each (plus £1.00 for postage) and are valid from the 1st June 2023 until the 31st May 2024.  Those wishing to purchase a levy payer’s pass will be asked to provide the following:

  • a copy of their Council Tax bill which details the levy to the Trust as proof of their address and eligibility for these concessionary passes.
  • a copy of the V5C document relating to every vehicle for which they are applying to demonstrate that the vehicle is registered to the eligible address.

Up to three passes can be purchased per household and a V5C document must be provided for every vehicle.  Failure to provide the correct information and evidence of eligibility will result in delay to the pass application.

For those unable to purchase their pass online, the office will be open to purchase a pass in person. Opening hours for purchasing a ticket from the MHT office are Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3:30pm.

An Annual Pass is available for those who live outside the levy paying areas and is good value for frequent visitors to the Hills and Commons.  An Annual Pass, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, can be obtained from the Malvern Hills Trust’s office for £50.00.   A pass for a second vehicle at the same household can be purchased at a reduced rate of £25.00. Annual parking pass application forms are available.

Pay and display tickets are also available for £5.25 per day with a reduced evening charge of £3.00 after 6pm.

The contribution made by the public through the purchase of parking passes is an essential source of income that supports the charity’s work caring for the Hills and Commons.  This support helps the Malvern Hills Trust to protect the ancient archaeology, conserve the habitats and species and keep the Hills open and accessible for all to enjoy.

Your contribution helps fund essential, ongoing work to protect and conserve the stunning Malvern Hills and Commons and keep them open for everyone’s enjoyment. We care for almost 1200 hectares (3000 acres) of land ranging from suburban green space in the heart of Malvern to remote hill land.

In addition to maintaining the estate, MHT also undertakes special projects every year. Here are a few that we’ve completed during the last financial year 2022/23 with your support:

  • Restored the Victorian Donkey Shed at Happy Valley, conserving this part of Malvern’s local heritage with support from the Civic Society and Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty partnership.
  • Re-introduced a scarce plant, the Petty Whin, to Castlemorton Common where it had been lost from for more than a decade.
  • Acquired 9.8 hectares of land to the west of the Hills including ancient woodland and species-rich grassland which will now be protected as green space in perpetuity.
  • Established a trial of protecting and restoring the delicate grasslands of the ridgeline that have been worn away by erosion.
  • Carried out the careful restoration of the Guarlford Trough, one of Malvern’s many notable spring and spouts.