Pre-meeting Board discussion

A pre-meeting discussion is due to be held on the 17th January, ahead of the scheduled meeting on the 19th January.

In light of increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases, trustees will join an online workshop on the 17th January to discuss items on the agenda ahead of the Board meeting on the 19th January.  The aim of doing this is to reduce the length of the face-to-face meeting.  No decisions will be made at the workshop but it will enable trustees to ask questions on the papers and to have a preliminary discussion on agenda items in a safe space with no risk of infection.  The trustees will meet then at the Council Chamber, Malvern on 19th January to have any further discussions and deal with the matters on the agenda.  This length of this in-person meeting will be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of infection when meeting indoors.

It would be appreciated if any comments which members of the public may wish to make are sent in writing to no later than noon on 17th January so that they are available to trustees at the workshop. The discussion will be streamed live on the Trust's YouTube channel.