Sheep injured by dog

A sheep has suffered bite injuries after an attack by a dog on Thursday 24th November.

The sheep was in a field owned by the Trust immediately adjacent to Table Hill near West Malvern.  The dog walker promptly contacted the Trust which allowed the grazier to swiftly attend, assess and provide treatment.  It is expected that the sheep, which suffered injuries to its face and ears, will make a full recovery. 

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said "Sadly it's only a little over two weeks since we reported that a sheep had to be put down after a dog attack. Yet again we have to report another distressing incident where an animal has been chased and attacked by a dog off a lead.  

"Again, we urge dog owners to always put their dogs on a lead when walking near livestock on the Malvern Hills and Commons.  If you cannot be certain that your dog will return immediately when called, whatever the circumstance, please keep your dog on a lead at all times.  If all owners did this, together we'd put an end to these horrific incidents."

Cattle and sheep can be found grazing the Malvern Hills and Commons all year round.  The locations of livestock are published each week in Stockwatch updates on the Trust's website, on the Trust's social media and in the Malvern Gazette.  

Beck added "By providing the locations of grazing livestock we can help people be prepared before they visit with their dog.  People should however be aware that much of the Hills and Commons are registered Common Land and it may be that livestock are found outside the areas listed in Stockwatch.  Sheep may also be found in some of the fields adjacent to the Hills. It may not always be possible for us to provide this location information in Stockwatch as sheep may only be present for part of a day or two.  It is your responsibility to put your dog on a lead if in doubt."

Allowing your dog to worry (which includes chasing), bite or kill livestock is a criminal offence and this incident has been reported to the police.

Since the 1st January 2022 12 incidents of chasing have been recorded by the Trust, six have been attacked and injured and five have died following an attack by a dog.  It is thought that the records of chasing are under-reported as they may not have been witnessed.


Livestock are an essential part of the management of the Malvern Hills and Commons. The cattle and sheep eat the bramble, scrub and young trees and this maintains the open grassland habitat.  This keeps the landscape special and benefits the geology, archaeology, wildlife found here, as well as maintaining access and views for visitors.