Blooming bluebells

Bluebells are putting on a fabulous display on the Malvern Hills and we're loving seeing your photos on social media.

The plants that produce these delicate flowers are sensitive to trampling so if you're visiting to take photos and admire the blooms, please keep to the paths.

Damaging the leaves of bluebells can mean that the plants don't return to bloom again the next year.  Please help us to conserve the Malvern Hills bluebells by not walking amongst them and staying on the grassy paths.

Beck Baker, Community and conservation officer said "It's fantastic to see people enjoying the bluebell displays and taking photos to capture the blue hillsides.  By keeping to the paths and not walking or sitting amongst the flowers, the bluebells will continue to bloom."

"If you've taken photos of bluebells on the Malvern Hills and Commons, why not share them with us on twitter @MalvHillsTrust."