Get involved in Malvern's famous well dressing

Join in, celebrate and give thanks for Malvern water this May Day!

Despite the cancellation of this year's Well Dressing Festival, the Malvern Spa Association and Well Dressing Committee felt it was important to still recognise the importance of water in Malvern's history and are encouraging people to join in.

On Friday May 1st, people are being asked to dress a 'water feature' in their own homes and gardens, whether that's a garden pond, fence, gate, or an inside windowsill, fireplace or ornament. In February, the theme of 'yellow' was chosen for this year's festival, although people can be creative with their dressings.

The Spa Association are asking people to share their photos of their dressings on their well dressing Facebook page 

An additional cause for celebration this year is the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale who visited Malvern to take the Water Cure after she returned from the Crimean War.

The Malvern Well Dressing and water festival is a celebration of the town's rich history from it's iconic spring water and Victorian water cures to the area's ancient Pagan traditions. It was due to be held this year from Saturday 2nd May to Sunday 10th May across the Malvern Hills and throughout the town of Great Malvern.  Last year 60 wells, springs and spouts were dressed across the town and more than 800 participants enjoyed a range of activities and entertainment.

Many of the famous spring on the Malvern Hills and Commons are dressed as part of the festival including St Ann's Well, Hayslad and Temperance Fountain on Malvern Link Common.