500 new trees planted near Castlemorton Common

The sun is out today but what a difference a week can make.  This time last week, a team of dedicated volunteers braved the torrential rain to plant 500 new trees.

The young trees are a mix of native species and will grow into a fantastic new hedgerow.  The saplings have been planted alongside a field boundary where there are already some wonderful oak standards at Snookes Croft and Plants Piece near Castlemorton Common.

The planting and restoration of hedgerows is important to provide corridors so wildlife can move through the landscape, as well as providing somewhere for birds to nest and creatures to shelter.

A huge thank you to our volunteers who came along to help despite the pouring rain.  They're smiling beneath their hoods... we promise!

Tree planting is also underway at an ancient woodland near West Malvern to encourage and establish a diverse woodland understory.  Further planting projects are planned for later this year.

Right tree, right place

We have adopted the position of 'right tree, right place'.  Find out what we mean by this and why we're adopting this policy here.