Prize winner to receive the Nature of the Malverns

We've just put a copy of the Nature of the Malverns in the post for one lucky prize draw winner!

This special gift is on its way to someone who took part in the Visit the Malverns' Christmas Elf competition and correctly guessed where the naughty elf was hiding.  We've donated a copy of the Nature of the Malverns book and more prizes can be won throughout December. Please visit their Facebook page to take part and have a chance of winning another prize!

If you'd like your own copy of this fantastic book as a gift for yourself, family or friends this Christmas, you can pick up a copy at the following retailers.

Nature of the Malverns

The Nature of the Malverns book is bursting with spectacular images of the nature of the Malvern Hills and beyond, and would catch the eye of any lover of the Malverns.

Written by local experts, this is the first book compiling all the natural aspects of the Malverns from the Pied Flycatcher to the Pink Waxcap and from Goblin Gold to the Grayling butterfly.

Hundreds of stunning photographs have been contributed by local volunteer photographers and are brought together with a foreword by writer and broadcaster, Brett Westwood.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said “The Malvern Hills and surrounds are home to such a diverse variety of wildlife and this book really brings this landscape to life. 

“Each chapter introduces and features different aspects of the natural world from the well-known birds to the more obscure mosses and liverworts.  Whether you’re a newcomer to wildlife or a keen observer, there’s something for everyone to discover amongst the colourful pages of this publication”

All the proceeds from this eye-catching coffee table book will go towards wildlife conservation on the Hills and Commons.

“We’re delighted that everyone who purchases the book will be putting something back into caring for this landscape now and for future generations.  What could be better than people taking joy from reading about the nature of the hills whilst also contributing to its upkeep and conservation”

There’s something for everyone in the Nature of the Malverns.

Book reviews:

Ms E. “Excellent book so a massive well done to all those involved!”

Ms A. “Great read and very informative”

Mr L. “Really enjoying ‘The Nature of the Malverns’… The fungi chapter by Sheila Spence is great!”