Information for visitors updated at Malvern Hills car parks

We've been busy writing and design new information boards for our car parks around the Malvern Hills and Commons.

With over 1 million visits to the Malvern Hills and Commons each year it's important that we help visitors find out what's so special about this landscape.  

Improvements have been made to the visitor information at Black Hill where a new board has been erected in a new location alongside the Easier Access Path.  Our previous board was installed in a location where visitors needed to climb some steps which made viewing the board difficult for some visitors and the new sign will offer more opportunities for people to find out more.

In a landscape that is always dramatic and inspiring, we've included information about some of the writers, poets and artists who lived and worked on and around the Malverns.  A clear map will also help walkers and cyclists find their way around this part of the Hills and perhaps make their own discoveries and find inspiration here.  A new notice board section will allow us to provide news and events updates throughout the year.

More information improvements will be made in other car parks around the Hills and Commons over the next year.