Celebrating Volunteers Week

The Malvern Hills Trust is celebrating Volunteers' Week by saying thank you to all those who help to care for the Malvern Hills.

Over the last 12 months volunteers have kind given more than 4,300 hours of their time to look after this iconic landscape.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said, ‘Working in partnership with local groups and communities is so important for the future of the Hills and Commons.  The support we receive from dedicated volunteers allows us to undertake a wider variety and greater number of projects which benefits wildlife, visitors and local people.

‘We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given time to the Trust.  No matter how much time you’ve spent with us, it all helps in caring for this iconic landscape.'

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers at the Trust take part in a wide range of activities and you can find out more about how volunteers support our work below:

Conservation volunteers – Getting stuck into the practical conservation work is the most important thing for our Conservation Volunteers.  We offer three practical days per month which includes Fridays and Saturdays. A friendly and dedicated team work to conserve the habitats of the Hills and Commons including the open hilltops, woodlands and ponds.

Volunteer wardens – With over 1,200 hectares of land to care for our volunteer wardens patrol the Hills and Commons to keep an eye on what’s happening around and about.  This small team support us by checking car parks, identifying issues such as fly tipping, and providing information to visitors on the Hills.

Wildlife volunteers – The Malvern Hills and Commons are home to a huge variety of wildlife including some rare and scarce species.  Wildlife experts and enthusiasts monitor, survey and report on the status of the habitats and species found here which helps to inform future conservation management.

Board members – As a charity, the Board helps to guide the charity’s work. Board members make important decisions about the direction the charity should take in land management, finance and governance.  We’re always looking for willing volunteers to support us in this way and will be providing more information in due course for upcoming Board member elections this autumn.  Contact us to register your interest.

Litter pickers – From keen individuals to organised groups, litter pickers are always out there helping to keep the Hills and Commons tidy.  We also run a ‘Spring clean’ event in April each year for local communities to get involved!

Archive and admin volunteers – Since we were established in 1884 we’ve been collecting photos and paperwork which are currently being sorted by a small team of volunteers keen to get everything in order.  Our office is also open during the week for people to contact us or to buy their car park passes and our admin team is supported by volunteers to keep the front office running smoothly.

How you can help

Beck added ‘We're currently looking for volunteers to support us as Board members but every little bit helps and you too can help look after the Hills by doing simple things such as taking litter home, picking up your dog’s poo, or reporting incidents to us at the office which will keep this landscape special.’ 

If you’re interested in volunteering, find out more on our website here: www.malvernhills.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering or contact us if you'd like to register your interest or find out more about becoming a Board member.

Volunteers' Week runs from the 1-7th June and there are a number of activities around the Malvern Hills District to celebrate volunteers.