Keep safe this Easter weekend

With warm weather forecast for the Easter weekend we're asking visitors to keep safe whilst out on the Hills and Commons.

The Malvern Hills Trust are reminding the public of the dangers of swimming in Gullet Quarry and of using BBQ’s on the Hills and Commons.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer, said ‘We provide advice and information each summer for visitors to help keep them safe and to protect this landscape.’

The dangers of Gullet Quarry

The Trust would like to remind visitors that there is no swimming or bathing at Gullet Quarry following the tragic deaths of two young men in 2013. 

To prevent further deaths at the Quarry fencing and signage has been erected to warn people of the dangers of the water.  The Trust’s warden, police and fire service have all been in attendance in the last 2 months to raise awareness of the danger.

It is against the Malvern Hills byelaws to “bathe in any pond, lake or stream on the Hills where bathing has been prohibited” Any one in breach of this byelaw could face police action.

Leave your BBQ's at home

Last summer a disposable BBQ was the likely cause of a fire in West of England Quarry and firefighters were on site for over 24 hours to fully extinguish the hillside blaze.

Beck Baker, added,  ‘We’re asking people leave the BBQ’s at home and to take a few precautions to reduce the chance of wildfires, for example, extinguishing cigarettes properly and never throwing cigarette ends on the ground or out of the car.’

Disposable barbecues are particularly problematic as they can be windblown, and, if placed directly on the ground, cause damage to the important grassland vegetation underneath. Wildfires on the Hills put wildlife, habitats, properties and visitors at risk.

The Trust’s wardens will be patrolling the Malvern Hills across the weekend offering advice and asking any visitors with BBQ’s to extinguish them immediately.

Beck said 'We look forward to seeing visitor enjoying the Malverns this weekend and hope that everyone takes care to look after themselves, fellow visitors and the landscape'.