Conserving hidden gems

It's not all about the dramatic Malvern Hills!  We care for many hidden gems in and around Malvern that are little visited but provide fantastic homes for wildlife.

This week we've been working in one such special area on the slopes of the Malverns.

Using small mowers and brushcutters, we've been clearing the way for the rare Meadow Saffron and the Adder's-tongue fern in one of our meadows.  Cutting back bracken and bramble will hopefully encourage more of these native British plants to flourish.

We haven't used large mowers or tractors here to protect other features of the meadow including huge ant hills which would be damaged by such activities.

Throughout the year volunteers have also cleared areas for these grassland species and cattle have grazed the meadow which also helps to provide the right habitat for these delightful flowers.

Find out more about the Meadow Saffron from Plantlife.