Pond works underway

You'll need your wellies for this one!

This week we're working to restore some of the ponds along Guarlford Road.

Ponds are a wonderful habitat for species such as Smooth Newts and Emperor Dragonflies. Many are also part of our local history having been made to extract clay or gravels or to provide water for livestock.

As time goes by ponds naturally fill in and without intervention would disappear. We do the work during the winter when the ponds are quiet and much of the wildlife is out of the pond.  

We're extremely grateful to the shoppers and the Community Matters scheme of Waitrose, Great Malvern who provided £274 of donations towards the pond restoration work.  This generous funding has allowed us to restore these ponds for wildlife to thrive in and for people to enjoy.

We care for more than 30 ponds (of many different sizes) across our land with many to be found on Castlemorton Common and around Malvern town. We’ll be working to restore more ponds in the next few years.