Sheep escape from British Camp after visitors dismantle fencing

Visitors to British Camp are being urged to take more care after a Hills grazier awoke up to find sheep missing from British Camp on Friday.

The fence was knocked down in three places and the sheep were nowhere to be seen.

In one section, the fence was broken where it is thought the sheep had been pushed through the fence, probably after being chased by a dog out of control.  The sheep appeared to have been worried and fled from the enclosure.

In Friday’s morning fog, the sheep were difficult to find and put back on the Hill.

Two other sections of fence were broken, thought to be by mountain bikers using trails down the slopes of the Hill. As there are no bridleways in this section there were no gates installed for access so the riders are likely to have gone straight through the fence.

The Malvern Hills Trust has information for visitors on their website so that all users of the Hills and Commons can enjoy their visit, and those who use the Hills are part of their livelihood can do so in peace.

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