Winter Works Well Underway

Winter works on the Malvern Hills and Commons are well underway.  

Across this landscape, MHT Field Staff and Contractors are carrying out winter works which includes scrub clearance, tree thinning and tree safety work.  All the work is described in the Land Management Plan and benefits species, habitats, archaeology, geology and views of the Malvern Hills.

Land Management Plan

An example of the work we'll be carrying out this season can be seen at the moment on the slopes of End Hill where our Field Staff are felling the young sycamore woodland.

Above the path we are restoring the open character to the benefit of the geological exposures, the landscape and wildlife especially the rare Grayling butterfly that needs open bare rocks to breed. A huge amount of work has been done to benefit the Grayling butterfly in the last 2 years with help from Butterfly Conservation and volunteers.  You may have seen the BBC coverage of our work for this butterfly earlier this year. 

Grayling conservation work a success

Below the contour path we are retaining as woodland as a habitat and a firebreak adjacent to the houses.


The smaller material (brash) which is cut up during the conservation work will be burnt so you may see smoke from small fires on the Hills.  Larger timber is being removed from the site and will be made available for local people to collect in return for a small donation which goes towards future conservation works.  If anyone would like some firewood, please telephone 01684 892002 to arrange collection.

Unfortunately we cannot provide detailed information or advanced notice of where Field Staff and Contractors will be working at any time as it is so dependent on the weather and ground conditions.