Raising awareness during Drowning Prevention Week

The charity caring for the Malvern Hills and Commons is urging visitors to take extra care as it marks Drowning Prevention Week (15th - 22nd June).

Ahead of the hot weather forecast for the coming week the Malvern Hills Trust are reminding the public of the dangers of swimming in Gullet Quarry 

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer, said ‘We are expecting visitors to travel to the Malvern Hills and Commons in extreme hot weather and it’s important to be aware of how to stay safe.”

The Trust has provided further advice about visiting in hot weather:

No swimming at Gullet Quarry – Swimming in Gullet Quarry is not permitted due to the risk of death the cold water poses.  Cold water shock can affect anyone and can result in breathless, muscle cramps and drowning. Following the tragic deaths of two young men in 2013 additional fencing and signage has been put in place to remind potential swimmers of the danger.

Trust staff and West Mercia Police are regularly patrolling the area as it is against the Malvern Hills byelaws to “bathe in any pond, lake or stream on the Hills where bathing has been prohibited” Any one in breach of this byelaw could face police action.

Leave the BBQ at home – Fires and BBQs are not permitted on the Hills and Commons due to the risk they pose of starting wildfires.  Vegetation is extremely dry and a tiny spark could result in a wildfire that gets out of control putting visitors, local properties, wildlife and livestock at risk.

Disposable barbecues are particularly problematic as they can be windblown, and, if placed directly on the ground, cause damage to the important grassland vegetation underneath.

Please also dispose of all litter in the bins provided or take your rubbish home as discarded litter, especially glass bottles, can start a fire.


Follow the Countryside Code – Respect your fellow visitors and local community by parking considerately and within the designated car parks and protect the environment by taking your litter home.

Plan ahead – You may choose to visit in the early morning or evening to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Stay hydrated – Make sure that you take plenty of water with you on your walk or cycle.

Dogs die in hot cars – Never leave your dog in a vehicle, even if you leave the window open. 

Beck said 'We look forward to seeing visitors enjoying the Malverns this weekend and encourage everyone to take care of themselves, fellow visitors and this special landscape'.