New Year, New Resolution

This New Year you may be making resolutions to get fit or spend more time outdoors but why not also consider adopting the resolution of taking the lead whilst out and about.

In 2019, six sheep were killed by dogs on the Malvern Hills and a further 13 were injured.  By taking the simple decision to put your pet on a lead near livestock you can help put an end to these distressing incidents.

Each year we keep a tally of the numbers of livestock injured and killed by dogs, and on the 1st January we restarted our count.  The numbers of attacks are currently zero so let's keep it that way.  Simply putting your dog on a lead will put an end to this issue.


Don't forget to check Stockwatch to find out where sheep and lambs on the wider Hills and Commons can be found.  Each week we publish an update with the information about the locations of sheep and cattle within the temporary electric fenced compartments on the Hills and Commons.

You can also sign up here to receive weekly email alerts direct to your inbox with the livestock information.  Stockwatch is also published each week in the Malvern Gazette.


The Malvern Hills and Commons are registered common land so dog walkers should expect to encounter livestock anywhere at any time.

Livestock are an essential part of the management of the Malvern Hills and Commons. The cattle and sheep eat the bramble, scrub and young trees and this maintains the open grassland habitat.  This keeps the landscape special and benefits the geology, archaeology, wildlife, and the access and views for visitors.