Help us to keep sheep safe

The Malvern Hills Trust are urging dog owners to take extra care when walking their dogs on the Malvern Hills in the coming months to keep sheep safe.

Sheep on the Hills and Commons are now 'in-lamb' meaning that they're pregnant and expecting lambs in the spring.

At this time, sheep are particularly sensitive to disturbance and worrying by dogs.  Sheep being chased or attacked are at risk of aborting their lambs following the stress of such an incident.

Sadly only last week a report of a sheep worrying incident was reported to the Trust when a pair of walkers allowed one of their three dogs to chase and panic sheep on the Worcestershire Beacon.  A member of the public confronted the pair and reported this to the local paper who forwarded it to the Trust.

The graziers who own the sheep, 
John and Suzanne Chance, said "We would like to thank the public and the staff of The Malvern Hills Trust, for their help and support, in keeping our livestock safe on the hills."

Don't take the risk of a dog chasing sheep which could result in the loss of a sheep and a lamb.  Please take a lead with you and use it when you're walking near the sheep and cattle on the Malvern Hills and Commons.  


Signs on gates of the temporary enclosures alert walkers to the presence of livestock. If you you're looking for more information on where you might find the sheep and cattle on the Hills and Commons before you head out, why not sign up to our Stockwatch.  Subscribers will receive a weekly email with an update on the location of the livestock.

Sign up to Stockwatch

The weekly update is also published on the Trust's website and on social media (search Malvern Hills Trust).

Common Land

The Malvern Hills and Commons are registered Common Land. This means certain local people have legal rights to put livestock onto the land to graze without notice. Members of the public should therefore be ready to encounter livestock anywhere and at anytime.

Find out more about Common Land - Foundation for Common Land 

Each and every year, we receive reports from the public and from the graziers that sheep and cattle have been chased and attacked by dogs.  Livestock worrying is a criminal offence. To report livestock worrying by dogs, which includes chasing, on the Hills or Commons call the Police on 101

Please also call the office on 01684 892002 so we can alert the grazier to attend.  The faster the animal can receive emergency veterinary treatment the better its chances of recovery.