New opportunities to remember loved ones and support care of Malvern Hills

A number of new donation schemes on the Malvern Hills and Commons have been launched.

These new opportunities are for people wishing to help support the work of the Malvern Hills Trust or to remember or celebrate loved ones in this amazing landscape. 

Contributions of all sizes are very welcome and the variety of projects includes options to make donations of:

  • trees to secure the future of a woodland
  • benches in a small local woodland
  • visitor information help those who come to the Malvern Hills better enjoy and explore this landscape 

Further details on each of the schemes can be found here.

With your support the Malvern Hills Trust will be able to undertake these special projects which will benefit wildlife, local people and visitors.  As a charity, donations and legacies to the Malvern Hills Trust form an important part of our income.

In 2015 we had to close our memorial bench scheme on the Malvern Hills and Commons due to a large number of applications.