New cycling trail to help visitors find their way

A new signposted trail for mountain bikers has been installed to help cycling visitors find their way around the Malvern Hills.

Starting at North Quarry car park the circular route follows bridleways and permissive paths on the Hills open to mountain bikers.  The route is clearly signposted for visiting cyclists who may be unfamiliar with the Hills’ cycling access network.

The Malvern Hills Trust has been working closely with a mountain biking working group made up of local riders on the Malverns by Mountain Bike project to encourage responsible riding on the Hills and Commons.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said “Following on from the walking and cycling map and guide that we launched in spring, providing information on the ground for cyclists is the next step in our project to encourage responsible riding.

 “We know that we have a large number of visiting cyclists from surrounding areas including Worcester and Birmingham who may not know anything about the access arrangements on the Malvern Hills or the special features here that need protecting. 

“Those who are new to the area will be able to experience and enjoy riding in this amazing landscape along the signposted trails knowing they’re on the right tracks.”

The route

The route has been carefully designed with the help of the local cyclists, the MHT Recreation Advisory Panel, Natural England and Worcestershire County Council. 

Although the trails aren’t graded and there may be some tougher sections and climbs, the routes are intended for leisurely rides.  Cyclists wishing to ride single track or undertake downhill riding should visit alternative locations e.g. Forest of Dean Cycle Centre, as the bridleways of the Malvern Hills offer little of this type of terrain.  Alternative mountain biking locations for more adventurous rides can be found here.

Beck added “We’re extremely grateful to local mountain bikers who’ve worked with us on the Malverns by Mountain Bike project, as well as other user groups for sharing information and advice.”

A route card to accompany the trail which includes directions and further access advice can be collected from MHT offices, local Tourist Information Centres, local bike shops from next week (30th July).

Electronic copies of these guides will also be made available online here.

Malverns by Mountain Bike

Malverns by Mountain Bike is a project by the Malvern Hills Trust working with local mountain bikers to encourage responsible riding to help care for the Malvern Hills and Commons. At the heart of the project is providing information for cyclists visiting the Hills and advice on how the sensitive archaeology and wildlife can be protected when riding. 

By working with local cyclists, Natural England, Historic England, Worcestershire County Council and a range of user groups from the Malvern Hills we are working to provide better and more useful information for cyclists and improve cycling access on the Hills.